Inspired to Splurge

It doesn't take long to fall in love with a trend (especially if it’s a good one that’s constantly plastered all over your Tumblr feed). That’s why Splurge or Save is such a fun segment for Jordyn and I. We’re constantly tacking on items to the top of our never-ending wish lists and we love that we can share these items, AND their “bank account friendly” counterparts, with you.
Click to Splurge | Stuwart Weitzman Hitest Boots - $560
Click to Save | ASOS KEEP IT UP Leather Thigh High Boots - $189.86
Click to Save | TOPSHOP DESTINY Over The Knee Boots - $270
Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us bought this beautiful pair of Stewart Weitzman thigh-high boots while she was in NYC. She’s constantly wearing them in every Instagram picture she posts. At first I was like, okay, we get it, you love the boots, take them off. But the more I saw them the more I started thinking, holy shit, these boots are amazing I need them now.

Funny how someone else’s style consistency can totally change your tune. So, here I am today - preaching about these boots, their versatility and how effing amazing they look with pretty much any outfit. I would say the only downfall is they have “Fall/Winter” written all over them and Spring is fast approaching. But, the fact they’re now on sale is the perfect justification for their purchase, even if they’re going to sit in your closet till next Fall… Although, I would totally bust them out on a cooler summer day, pair with some casual jean shorts and a plain T.