Sweater Weather

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On Sharai - Wilfred Camel Hooded Coat (similar found here), Grey Wilfred Free Sweater (similar found here), House of Harlow 1960 Carmen SunglassesWhite Seven For All Mankind SkinniesWhite ConverseFoley + Corinna Frame Satchel, Wilfre Cashmere Scarf (similar found here)

There’s been a  crazy chill in the air for the last couple days, here in Vancouver.  It’s one of those chills that numbs your hands and goes straight to your bones. Even though it’s been colder than it has been in a while, the sun is shining so beautifully, which would make you believe it should be a lot warmer than it actually is….
Due to this sudden chill we've been having, we definitely needed to get creative with an outfit that still looks cute without being too puffy and overdressed.  So today we decided our item would be our comfiest grey sweater.  Something you can layer with ease, that keeps you nice and cozy.  I love grey sweaters for 2 reasons. One; They’re grey, which is a nice change from black but still goes with virtually everything. 2; It’s a sweater. Sweaters are glorious and comfy and you just can’t go wrong.  Sharai paired her grey Wilfred Free sweater with a beige trench, white denim and converse. I paired my grey H&M  sweater with a leopard button up, pink peplum skirt, and leopard pumps.
GRAY SWEATERS - Wilfred Free on Sharai | H&M on Jordyn