Turtleneck Sweata'

The sun is shining in Vancouver today and we are loving it. That crisp cool air and the sun shining on your face; there's really nothing like it. So today for our item we decided to keep warm and sport one of the many turtlenecks in our closets.  Turtlenecks come in so many different textures and styles that you have never ending options on how to wear one.  

Sharai is wearing a baby-pink, knit turtleneck and I am wearing a plain-black, long sleeve turtleneck. As you can see, the directions we went with our turtlenecks were very different. If you're not someone that normally wears a turtle neck, I highly recommend it! They are so comfy and perfect for a chilly winter day.
TURTLE NECK SWEATER - Zara on Sharai | H&M on Jordyn