Crop It Like It's Hot

Now that summer is long gone, some of you may think that means your crop tops should be in closet hibernation till spring time. On the contrary, we believe no crop should be sentenced to closet arrest just because of a little chill. To be fair, we do live in Vancouver, and although we complain sometimes…it’s not THAT cold. I can understand in some places, a crop might not be plausible at this time of year, but for us it is definitely doable.  Crop tops have made a massive comeback in the last year and I must say, I am more than okay with it.  I don’t think Sharai or I are huge fans of showing your whole stomach in a crop. If you have gorgeous abs of steal, then I guess it’s understandable to show them off, but crop tops don’t always need to be so revealing.  There are many ways you can wear a crop without showing too much skin or showing no skin at all.  So as I’m sure you guessed, today’s item is a cropped sweater. Sharai paired her gray Zara sweater with a white tee, black blazer, jeans and a toque. I went with a Black American Apparel cropped sweater, high waisted skirt, white blazer and a gray bowler hat.
CROPPED SWEATERS - Zara on Sharai | American Apparel on Jordyn