Leopard Accents

If my Nana taught me anything about fashion, it would be that leopard goes with everything. Growing up, I saw her wear leopard all the time, yet it never overpowered her outfit. She always accessoriesed with just the right amount, to keep her look classy and sophisticated, with just a little edge. Thanks to my Nana, Leopard will always be one of my all-time favourite prints. Having said that, wearing any kind of animal print can be tricky, we want to be able to sport our leopard looks, without looking like we’re going on a safari or channelling our inner Snooki. I find the key to mastering the animal print is all in the moderation. Too much of one thing usually doesn’t end well. So, next time you decide to take a walk on the wild side of fashion, do so with accents. That way we don’t risk overpowering our outfits with too much leopard, or any print for that matter.
LEOPARD ACCENTS - Steve Madden shoes and Lucky belt on Sharai | H&M blouse on Jordyn