Color Coordination

There are certain occasions in which we've been told it is OK to wear all one color; black for a funeral, white for your wedding day, and orange if you're behind bars for some unfortunate reason. Lately, though, trendsetters and designers of the fashion world have been making it more and more popular to sport that all one color look, and I have to say, it's growing on me.
The trouble with this look is, unless you're going with all black, there can be a fine line between fashionable and crazy. I find the best way to accomplish this look is to mix the shades of the color you choose. Combining different shades of one color will make it so you don't look completely crazy, but instead, give you that crisp, polished look we're aiming for.
Today we decided to try this look for ourselves. Sharai is wearing all navy (except for the shoes) and I am wearing all grey. 
Next time you're looking for something to wear, just pick a color and see what happens! We really had fun with this look, so let us know how you're all one color looks turn out.