Belt It

Everyone always says that a little black dress is something every girl needs in her closet… we agree, but this week, instead of the little black dress, we tried to think of other little black things that every closet needs. 
A black belt was without a doubt the item we both agreed on. We both love belts, and find that they add a finishing touch to most outfits.
You can put your belt on some pants to add some excitement to your “white t and jeans” ensemble. Or you can wear it like both of us did here. We wore our belts around our waists to accentuate them with all our bulky layers on. Both of our outfits are warm and feature thick items, but the belt pulls it all together and forces the clothes to hug your body, right at your smallest part. 
Sometimes you just need to belt it – so definitely add a plethora of belts to your accessories collection.
BELTS - ASOS on Sharai | H&M on Jordyn