Thankful for Friendship

Today's a very special post because our third triangle has taken a break from her busy school life to come spend thanksgiving with us. We're all so happy to be together and have the chance to give you an explanation as to why we named our blog what we did and what our logo represents.
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Today we are thankful for many things: friends, family, stuffing our faces with more than one turkey dinner, and of course we are thankful for fashion! This year we are lucky to have our best friend Sam come home from University for Thanksgiving. Sharai, Sam and I have been best friends for over 10 years now, and although Sam has never been that into fashion, she is our biggest supporter.
When we mentioned she should do a shoot with us she was hesitant, but let’s be real, who can pass up a fashion photo shoot with your two best friends! We had so much fun doing this shoot with this beautiful Vancouver weather, and the mountains made a lovely backdrop. Today's item, as I'm sure you can tell, is hats. We all went with something a little different to showcase the many options for hat attire during the fall and winter season. We couldn't be more excited to have our best friend home, even for a short time, and to finally show you where the Ride or Die logo originated from. Now it's time to put on our stretchiest clothing and eat till we pass out.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!